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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Painting With Dots

You probably do not even realize how creative someone can get painting with dots. There are some artists who can paint entire design with dots, never using any other type of strokework. It may sound crazy, but it is true. They are actually very pleasing to look at and really quite interesting.

This is a great way for someone who might not be able to paint freehand, to actually be able to paint and still turn out a lovely project. You could begin by tracing out an outline of a design, and then filling in the spaces with dots. You could use all of the same colored dots, or vary them. For example, if you wanted to paint a tree, why not use a brown dots for the tree trunk and branches? Once that part is complete, fill in with green for the leaves. Some artists will use black for the tree and vary the color of dots for the leaves based on the seasons.

You can make a variety of other designs such as flowers and hearts with polka dots. Use one color for the center of the flower and circle that part with a different color, simulating the flower petals. For a heart, you can place two dots side by side with just a little space in between, then place a dot at the bottom of those to complete the heart.

Dots may be created using a variety of items. Pencils tips make nice dots, as do using a dulled end of a tooth pic. For large dots you could use the eraser part of a pencil, which has not been used for erasing. The end of a paint brush also is a nice dotting tool. You will also find tools which have been made especially for this job, at your local craft store, such as a stylus.

It really is not necessary to spend money on tools to be used for this purpose. It really is up to you. It might be fun to look around your home, to see what all you can find to use for your design.

One important item to keep in mind when painting with dots, they will typically be more dimensional than regular painting. This will cause them to be thicker, needing more time to dry. Make sure you allow for this when you use this technique.

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