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Monday, May 11, 2009

Painting a Ribbon Stroke

This is a good stroke for a beginner to practice on. It is actually a great stroke to use if you want to paint a ribbon. Maybe that is where they got the name!

You will be using a flat brush for this stroke. Typically, you will double load your brush. It is also possible to do this stroke with more than two colors. You will just add a different look to the results. Adding more than two colors is a wonderful way to create a different look and add more interest.

You will begin on the chisel edge of the brush. The beginning will be very similar to painting the S-Stroke. You will be going from the chisel edge and pull the brush, while pushing it down to the flat part of the bristles. You will continue with the downward pressure. When you are ready to create the ribbon, you will flip the brush over and continue on the flat part immediately. Do not come up to the chisel edge while doing this. This may take a little practice to get a smooth transition from one side to the other without stopping.

Play with this a little before starting on your project. You can even add a twist to this stroke, using only one color when you start, add shading by side loading your brush with another color. Just apply the new color where the stroke flips. Try it out and see which way you like it best.

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