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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Painting a Leaf

Painting leaves seems like it should be pretty easy, however there are some that will need to practice to get to that point. Even though this type of leaf is a simple, one stroke leaf, it can be a little trickier to do at first. This leaf is one that I would start off with first, before moving on to the more detailed leaves.

You will begin this leaf using a flat brush. Apply pressure so that the bristles are flat to your surface. Once you are at this point, you will begin to pull your brush towards you. When you begin to ease up on the pressure, you will do a slight 1/4 turn with your brush to make the rounded part of this leaf. You will end this stroke up on the chisel edge of your brush, creating the tip of the leaf.

You can do this stroke with just a single color loaded in your brush, or double load the brush to add interest and shading. This type of leaf is also a great filler leaf. If you want to use it in this manner, add flow medium to your paint. You will be making an inky consistency. This will allow the leaf to be transparent on your surface. Do the same technique as mentioned above, but place this leaf in the areas where you have the fully painted leaves. Just add them in different areas that need to be filled in. This is a great way to add more depth to your painting.

As with any of these strokes, take time to practice first before applying to your project. Even though it seems to be an easy leaf, it is not uncommon for this leaf to be hard to get just right when you first start to paint it. Do not get frustrated with it. Take your time and have fun while doing it!


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