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Friday, April 17, 2009

Using The Flat Edge

You may get confused when you hear the term "Flat Edge", when referring to your paint brush. There is an actual brush that is called a Flat Brush, and then there is the "Flat Edge". The flat edge of your brush is when you apply pressure so that all of the filaments are touching the surface, as you are doing your stroke. This can be done with most brushes, no matter what style they are.

It is important to know how to load your brush properly in order to achieve this stroke. It should be loaded with the proper amount of paint, evenly. You also will need to learn how to apply the proper amount of pressure while doing the strokework. You will pull the brush toward you, ending up on the chisel edge. Lift the brush up from there. This will create a nice clean look.

If you have too much paint brush on your brush the end result will not be smooth, but will have a wavy look to it. If there is not enough paint on your brush, the stroke will not be completely painted and smooth. You will need to do this stroke several times to get the feeling for it, while learning the correct pressure and amount of paint needed.

Learning the different strokes will require practice. You may be someone who will do it a few times and pick right up on it. Everyone has different skill levels, but that is okay. It may take you a little longer to get it just right, but do not be afraid to practice. A great product to use while practicing is waxed paper. It is affordable and can be thrown away after you are done. This will eliminate a mess to clean up.

Remember, have fun while you paint!


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