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Monday, April 13, 2009

To Begin to Learn Brush Strokes

To Begin to Learn Brush Strokes

There may be a difference of opinion when it comes to how to hold your hands. Some say that it is important to hold your brush in your hand, as you would a pencil or pen. That bracing your hand on something will give you more stability. Others will tell you to keep you hand up away from your painting surface, and keep your brush perpendicular to the surface.

It may be important for you to find what is most beneficial for you as an artist. I do not hold my brush like I would a pencil. I try to keep my hand up off the surface and the brush perpendicular. That is what seems to work best for me. It also keeps my hand from gliding over the freshly painted surface.

Where you start the brush strokes depends greatly on which hand you are using. I often tell my students to get a feel for the direction that is most comfortable for them. I am left handed so, I typically start from the left and do my strokework to the right. I can actually do it either way. Being able to go in both directions, makes it easy to create a nice design. Some may only be able to paint going in one direction, and may have trouble painting on large objects that cannot be turned while being painted on. One such object that comes to mind would be decorative painting on walls.

As an artist, it is important to try different techniques and determine the best fit for you.

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