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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Left Handed Painters

As with most anything in a right handed world, if you are a left handed painter you will need to adapt. By now, you are probably used to doing that and painting is not any different. Unless you are able to paint with either hand, the main thing to remember is you may have to do the strokes starting in the opposite position.

If you need a practice guide, you could photo copy the design strokes you are working on. They would be copied backwards for you to practice from. If you do not want to go to that trouble, just go in the reverse direction from the instructions and see if you are able to achieve similar results.

You also might find that you are able to paint well going in either direction. As with many techniques when painting, you are going to need to practice and get the feel for what is most comfortable for you. Do not go by what is working for someone else. You may keep it in mind, but know that there are other ways to get to the same end results. The main thing to consider, are you are happy with your work?


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