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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sponging is one of the most popular faux treatments. The reason for this is because it is fun and easy to do. It can be done as the main feature or used as a background for additional decorative painting to be done on top of it. It would definitely be great for vines or other designs to be painted on it.

There are a variety of sponges that can be used. Each one will give a slightly different look. The stiffer the sponge the more distinct the effect will be. If you are using a softer sponge the pattern will be smoother and blend in more.

When you sponge you can make a neat look buy using the same color, but different sheen. You can stick with using one color that compliments the base color. You can use multiple colors and you will obtain a bolder look. If you use colors that are close to one another, the look will be much softer.

You can also do this technique in a few ways. You can put the color on with the sponge, allowing the base color to peek through. You can also roll or brush the color on and use the sponge to pull the color off. This also gives a next look.

When you get started doing this, you will have to play with it a little. It may take some trial and error to get it just right. Remember, it is just paint. If you do not like it, paint over it!


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