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Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning Different Painting Techniques

There are a variety of painting techniques that may be used to add interest to any of your projects. Some are easier than others. Practicing can allow you to master any of these special techniques.

Drybrushing is often used when you are faux painting. It is not limited to this, but can also be used in paintings to add texture and interests.

You can do this technique with different types of brushes and do not have to use a special brush. It works better if you have stiffer bristles, but even that is not a requirement. The results will vary with each type of brush you use.

As the name suggests, you do this technique with a dry brush. You begin with dipping your dry brush in to your paint. You can either move the brush back and forth on your palette or in a paper towel to remove excess paint. Then you begin on your painting surface with your brush strokes. Keep repeating this process as your brush gets too dry and needs more paint.

If you are painting on a wall, light brush strokes in a random pattern going in the same direction all over the wall can create a neat look. You can also use this technique and do a criss-cross pattern. If you are using it in a painting it is a nice way to add depth, high-lighting, and shading.

You can create a lot of neat faux designs with this technique.
You can purchase practice boards at many home improvement stores. They are fairly inexpensive and a great size to create your designs on, before moving to your walls. This is a fun technique. Give it a try!


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