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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do You have the Courage to Create?

I know for the past 16 years I have dreamed of having my own business. I went from wanting to stencil for people in their homes to painting glassware. My husband often discouraged my desire to paint for people in their homes. It was not that he felt I was not good enough, but his concerns for me were the liability you have when you are working in people's homes, and also dealing with not getting paid for your completed work.

However, my desire to paint continued and I would do jobs in my own home and for my friends. I had such a strong desire for a creative outlet. I continued to buy every painting and home decor magazine I could get my hands on. That of course, filled my mind with even more ideas.

I still had the feeling that my husband was not completely sure of me pursuing my dream in any medium. However, I started trying different projects and took the next step which was freehand painting. For years I did stenciling, but never tried much in the way of freehand painting. Boy, was my husband in trouble now!!!

I am not and have never been afraid to paint on walls or objects, knowing full well if the project was not to my liking, it could just be painted over. No problem! It is just paint.

Here's where the trouble began. I ventured to the outside of our home! I had already painted just about everything on the inside, a few times at that. The little picket fence that hid our trash cans was the first to get painted. I painted a cute whimsical flower pattern on it. Then, I planted a few little plants in front of it. What a cute little garden!

The backyard would be my next target. Watch out.....Here I come!!! Our old privacy fence would be my next project. I took two sections of it and painted what looked to be a picket fence. It almost gave the look of a fence leaning up against the privacy fence. I also planted a garden in front of it. I love little sections of seating and gardens throughout a yard. I really had fun doing it. I received so many positive comments.

I also have a fetish for old doors. I had a nice friend that would supply me with them. My husband did not like that so much, but oh well! I created an outdoor screen and placed it in the back yard. I painted a tree theme on it. Very unique and fit right in with the pine trees, pond, and park bench. Of course, the park bench was painted too!

One day while standing out in the backyard, my son came out to talk to me. We were standing there looking around the yard. He turned to me and said, "Do you see how much better you have gotten?". He's a pretty big critic and an art college graduate. I was surprised and took that as a way of him paying me a compliment! Which by the way does not come easy for him. You could really see from one project to the next, the amount of improvement I made in my skills.

I continued on with smaller projects like stepping stones, pots,
and bird baths. My desire to be creative was even stronger and continued to grow. I became familiar with Donna Dewberry's One Stroke at this same time. I tried to get in to a few classes here in town and unfortunately, they kept getting canceled. Frustrated, yet determined to learn, I purchased just about every book I could of hers. Yes, I sat down and taught myself. I practiced and practiced and continued to try different projects and even attempted a few craft shows. They were duds, so I focused on the internet and continued to work my daytime job.

The turning point for me was when I painted a few champagne glasses for my son's graduation party from college. The glasses, though they were cheap they really looked expensive. People were afraid to use them! It made me think I was on to something. That following June my friends had a party where you had to bring fun glasses to exchange. You got it, I painted mine! They were nothing like I paint now, just really basic, but boy did people love them! So, determined to get my business going I started painting glassware even more, and found out how much fun it it to paint.

In November of 2007 a friend of mine told me about Etsy. I love Etsy! I sat up a shop in addition to my own site. Did I mention in this mix I also learned to make jewelry? I listed a few things on the site. I did not get my first sale until January 2008, but after that I began to focus on it and really tried to learn how to make it work for me.

I have learned so much since I started out. There is so much more to learn. You just have to put your fears aside and tackle it. You will have your ups and downs. Maybe it will take you many trials and errors. That's okay. Learn from them and just do not let them stand in the way. Do not let what others may say stand in your way either. Try to take them with a grain of salt and remain determined. Remember, it takes time to build a business!


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Gaston Studio said...

I just found your blog and, as a self taught decorative artist myself, have found many challenges when painting on glass.
I will say this, don't every let anyone discourage you from following your passion.

Will be following you.