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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are You Looking for a Fun Painting Project?

If you are planning a birthday party for your pre-teen, or planning a fun project for your group to do at their next meeting, this idea might be just right for you. Painting on foam sun visors is easy to do and will also give you a great sun hat to wear to the beach, out in the garden, or even when you play golf.

There is no preparation that has to be done prior to painting. They are very easy to paint on for those who are new to painting. They are also very affordable and will allow you to keep the fee for the project to a minimum.

This type of sun visor is easy to obtain. Many of your local craft and hobby stores stock them. All you have to do is find the time to stop by to pick them up. If you are unsure, you might want to call first to make sure they are in stock. Depending on the amount needed, it may be necessary for you to order them.

I would suggest either coming up with possible designs that can be painted on them prior to your gathering, or just allow each person access to the paint, the painting tools, and let their imagination get the best of them. They could do funky designs with different types of paint brushes, polka dots, or use stamps to create their designs. Stencils could be used with this project. You might even suggest that each person bring something from home they might like to use on their visor.

It is up to you on how detailed this activity will be. I would judge this based on the time and space available to your group. Most importantly, remember to have fun!


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