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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Are You Looking for a Fun Gift Idea?

Often we find ourselves invited to events that require us to take a gift. Many times it is for someone who we really do not know that well, or maybe it is for someone who has everything. Either way, you will be asking the age old question of what you should buy them?

Hand painted items can be something that fits your needs. They can be unique, one of a kind pieces or even custom painted for the individual in mind. Oil bottles can be a neat gift for a housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift. Along with them being a more personalized gift, they are very affordable too.

They can be used as part of their home decor while holding their cooking oil or dish washing soap. These are much more visually pleasing than just having the plastic bottle sitting by the sink, or the glass or plastic container you oil arrived in sitting by your stove. They look pretty just sitting out on your counter top.

Each bottle is painted with acrylic enamel paint. Once they have been allow to air dry for 24 hours, they are coated with varnish. This will give them added durability for daily use.


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