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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning About Paint Properties

Choosing the right paint for your project is very important. It is amazing how many different characteristics there are for paint. It can vary from the type of container they are found in, such as tubes, glass jars, or plastic bottles. After you select the desired containers, you will then have to understand the different properties each color will have as well. You probably did not realize so much thought would be involved.

The behaviors may vary greatly from one brand to the next even. Often it will be necessary for you to try several products, before you narrow it down to the one that works best for you. If you are an artist who deals with several different types of surfaces, you may find the need to switch around to different paints. The paint you choose will depend greatly on the project and what it will be used for. Along with using different paints you may find the same technique does not work well with each type of paint. You will have to be versatile in your techniques in order to create your pieces and obtain the desired look you are going for.

Some paints will cover better than others. Some will be more opaque, while others will be transparent. In order to learn your paint behaviors you may want to start off by creating some color swatches. This will allow you to experiment a little before placing the paint on your project.

Another concern you may have is your colors fading. When you are searching for your paint, pay close attention to the rating for this on the packaging. If it is rated "excellent", this means it will hold it's color for a long time and is durable. If the rating is "moderate", you will experience some fading, but will not be noticeable early on. If the rating is "fugitive", there will be a lot of fading. The ultraviolet rays from sunlight are the primary cause for fading.

Another property to consider is the toxicity of the paint. Often high quality paint will offer colors that are toxic. Some of the more vivid colors tend to be more toxic. These seem to be the cadmium pigments and some blues. Read the labels on your paint before using them. Be cautions also if you intend to spray the paint. There are paints that should not be used for spraying. If you are painting an item for a child, use non-toxic brands of paint.

While on your search for the desired paint, make sure you read the labels, and follow the directions on how to use the paint. This is very important. It not only may have a great affect on your project, but your health as well.



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