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Friday, February 27, 2009

Are You Creative?

Creativity is usually referred to someone who is involved in performing or visual arts. This is how we most often think of it. However, you probably did not realize creativity affects just about every part of our lives in some form.

Sometimes it involves coming up with a thought, process, or item that is totally new and has never been seen or heard of before. Often, it is actually developing a new twist to something we are already familiar with. Being creative is a form of problem solving. Many decisions have to be made from the start of the original thought to the finish of the product or process. As we know, we are faced with many decisions in our lives, and problem solving is an important part of getting through each day.

It is acceptable to surround yourself with items that lend themselves as inspiration to you. It might even come in a written form or musical for that matter. There may be thoughts for the day which inspire your creativity and make your feel a certain way. Maybe your favorite music stirs up memories of events or items from your past.

It might even be as simple as having a photo album which you keep photos in to jump start your creativity. This album could be a mixture of clip art, photos from magazines, or pictures you have taken. They are not meant to be copied from, but to influence you project. It might be as simple as the colors in the picture, which influence you to use them in your next design. Maybe the picture you took of a flower garden has a few flowers that standout, and you include them in your painting. Certain shapes may lend themselves to your final design.

No matter what part of your life you use your creative side for, it is important that you try different things in order to determine what inspires you. Everyone is different. What and how something affects you, may not be even close to how it makes the next person feel.





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