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Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Stroke Brushes

There are a variety of different types of brushes to choose from when you are working on your painting projects. Even within the One Stroke family, there are different brushes to be used based on the surface you are painting on. The differences are in the bristles and may vary from hard to soft bristles. They are distinguished by the different colored handles and the fabric brushes even have a green stripe on the tip of the bristles.

The brushes for Glass and Ceramics are soft. This allows them to hold the paint nicely in the brush, while moving smoothly over the slick surface. They also keep the brush strokes from being as noticeable as they might be with a regular brush.

The fabric brush bristles are harder and hold up well while painting on fabric. This is a little trickier since the paint does not flow as easily on this type of surface. The One Stroke Fabric brushes will assist you in creating a beautiful final project that you will be proud to wear.

It does not matter if you are painting on glass or fabric, the brushes in this line hold up very well to frequent use. They rarely lose their bristles. What you may find after several uses is the bristles losing their shape. If you take care of them properly and reshape them after using, you will extend their life. They are reasonably priced which makes them practical to use on your decorative painting projects.

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