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Friday, December 5, 2008

Painting Glass Tile Pendants

Painting on the glass tiles for pendants really is not any different than painting on a wine glass, it is just a little smaller. You should clean the glass tile and wipe it off with rubbing alcohol prior to painting on it. No other preparation needs to be done before you can start painting on them. They can be baked in the oven too in order to cure the paint.

The main difference when you are painting on the glass tile as opposed to a wine glass, is the size of the space that you have to paint on. Some may feel this is better since you do not have to deal with as much design space, however for many it can be harder since the details are smaller and this often makes them harder to do. For many it seems to be easier to do quality work in larger spaces, because this allows you more room to control your brush strokes.

The clear glass tiles come in a few different sizes. I would recommend starting with the larger sizes that would still be appropriate for a necklace pendant, and gain experience on this size first. Move to the smaller sizes once you have mastered these.

Keep in mind if you mess up, you can always wash off the paint and start over. This is one of the nice things when you paint on glass. It is very easy to correct a mistake or start over if you do not like your design. If you would rather practice on a disposable surface before placing your design on the tile pendant, wax paper is an affordable product to use for practice.

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