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Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Paint Oil Bottles

Have you ever thought about painting an oil bottle for a housewarming gift, or maybe even just for yourself to use as a bottle to hold your dishwashing soap? These bottles can be transformed from a plain bottle to part of your home decor in just a few minutes.

I do not bake these because I do not like to mess with taking off the top of the bottle. I'd rather leave it sealed until is it ready to be use. This will help keep them clean on the inside until that time arrives.

To prepare the bottle for painting, I clean the exterior with rubbing alcohol. I then paint the bottles with acrylic enamel paint that will cure within 21 days. After completing the painting of my design I allow the bottle to dry for at least 8 hours. I then add a coat of outdoor waterproof varnish for added protection. I allow the varnish to dry for a least a few hours prior to preparing it for shipping. Often I will air dry it overnight to make sure it is completely dry before boxing it up.

These bottles look nice if you paint just one side of the bottle or cover the entire bottle. In a few short minutes you can create a masterpiece to sit out on your countertop as part of your kitchen decor, whether you are using it as your soap dispenser or for your olive or dipping oil. They can really be a lovely inexpensive addition to your home.


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