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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Practice Your Painting Skills

Many of you out there may not have considered this priceless tool when you want to create a sample design or practice your painting skills. Waxed paper is a cheap and an easy product to use just for this purpose. It is also a great way to paint a design sample for a wall. Hold it up to the wall to get an idea of what your finished design will look like. This can save you valuable time and prevent you the expense of re-painting if you do not like it on the walls.

Often waxed paper can be found at your local dollar store. Just tear off usable size sheets as you go. Once you are finished with your design allow it at least an hour to dry. It will be ready for you to either tape it or hold it up to the wall to see your sample design. If you do not like it, just throw it out and start all over again.

If you are using it to practice on, again just tear off in easy to use sheets. Go to town practicing your designs. No need to allow for drying time, just crumple it up and dispose of it in your trash can when your sheet is full. Pull out another sheet and practice some more. It is as easy as that. Always remember, practice makes perfect!


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