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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Great Paint for Coffee Cups

If you ever have wanted to paint on coffee cups, tea cups, or mugs, you may have wondered if there was a paint on the market that would be microwave safe. Through my painting experience I have tried different types of paints and have found one recently that claims to be not only dishwasher safe, but microwave safe as well. This wonderful product is Pebeo 150 Paint.

This product is very durable. It adheres well to different types of glass including porcelain and clear glass such as wine glasses and martini glasses. It is very transparent, almost stain glass looking when painted on clear glass.

This paint has a different behavior than working with regular craft acrylic paint. It may take some experimenting to get your technique down, however once you find what methods works best for you, the finished product is just great. It will be able to stand up to frequent use.

It is imperative that the directions are followed when using this paint. The 24 hour drying time before baking is really important. If you bake it too soon, it could cause the paint to bubble and ruin your design. You do not want to spend all that time working on your design and then have to throw it away because you did not let it air dry long enough. Be patient and you will have a lovely piece of artwork when you are done. Go on and get busy!


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