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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baking Your Hand Painted Glassware

It is funny, I have received so many emails this past week from people who are attempting to paint their own glassware. They want to give them as gifts for the upcoming holiday. They are asking questions from what kind of paint to use, to is it really okay to bake the glassware in the oven?

You might have the same questions also, but were too afraid to ask. Well, first of all do not be afraid to ask. I know I sure have asked my share of questions of other artists, even though I have been painting for years. Most of which have been more than willing to share information as well as giving out pointers. I know I am more than willing to help others with their questions.

My first suggestion when beginning to paint on glass is to follow the instructions on the paint you are using. I highly recommend if it suggests allowing the piece to dry for a certain amount of time, to make sure you follow this carefully. It could make a difference in how your piece turns out.

The most important thing to remember when you want to bake glassware, is to place it in your oven when it is cold. Begin your pre-heating process after it has been placed in the oven. When the baking process has completed, allow your pieces to cool down completely before removing them from the oven. Sudden change in temperature is what causes the glass to break. If you follow these directions, you should be fine.

When in doubt, always ask!!


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