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Friday, August 22, 2008

Personalized Custom Hand Painted Keepsake Boxes

Large paper hat boxes make wonderful memory keepsake boxes. They are hand painted with acrylic enamel paint. Many items can be kept in such a box.
Keepsake boxes make great gift giving ideas. They not only can hold smaller gifts and be used as the wrapping, but they are a part of the gift as well. What a unique way to give a gift.

Some items that you might consider keeping in a box like this are pictures, a lock of hair from child's first haircut, children's teeth that have come out, a plate or a napkin from a special party or event, awards your child received throughout their sport and school career, invitations that were used for special events, and anything else you might think of.

These personalized boxes are great for weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, births, baptisms, and graduations. I am certain you could probably think of a few other life events that memory boxes would be perfect for.
The box will be a special hiding place to keep your memories safe. Saving items this way makes it easier to know where they and where they should go as your collect them.

The best way to buy a keepsake box is to have it personalized and custom painted to fit the celebration's theme and colors, or you could consider providing the person's interests so the theme can fit the person who will be receiving it.

Keep the memories safe!


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