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Friday, August 29, 2008

Martini Party Glasses

If you are planning a party the Martini Glasses make a wonderful party glass. They can be hand painted festively to coordinate with the atmosphere of your party. They can be painted differently from each other and create a unique theme to your gathering.

They are very easy to paint whether you are doing small paintings over the entire glass, or do a painted flower that covers the glass from the base to the top. Painted flowers blooms look really neat from the inside of a personalized custom painted martini glass.

The choice is yours. Do you want a daisy or a rose painted on your glass? What is your favorite flower? What flowers will the bride be holding while she walks down the aisle? These are a few questions that could be asked while trying to decide on a design. They are very versatile and will look nice no matter what design will be chosen.

You can even have clear glass dinner and dessert plates hand painted to match. If you are wanting disposable plates, the clear plastic ones paint of nicely too. This will create a beautiful scene for your table and your guests will love the special touch you have added to the party.
This is a cheap way to get a great response from your guest, make a classy looking party, and still maintain your budget. The sky is the limit when you are dealing with decorative painting. Just about anything can be painted as long as it stands still long enough!



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