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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Glass Dessert Plates and Bowls Make Great Gifts or Entertainment Items

Are you bored with the store brands of dessert plates for parties such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings? A great way to add interests and make your event unique is to serve your food on hand painted glass plates. If you want disposable, clear plastic plates can be painted too.

You can customize your plates and bowls to the theme of your gathering. You are not limited to what the local stores have to offer. It is as easy as sending an email to discuss your custom order. It is very affordable also.

These plates and bowls also make a beautiful fully set table. They can be kept on the table for decoration or be used to entertain with. They are hand washable or dishwasher safe. To preserve the design it is recomended that they be hand washed.

I addition to the bowls and plates, you can also add glasses such as wine glasses, martini glasses, margarita glasses, champagne glasses, or even regular drinking glass. All of these pieces can be painted with the same design or coordinating designs. Your guests will be so impressed when they come to your party!


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