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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Week

I sure have been busy the last few weeks. First, I was painting like crazy to fill a wholesale order and then next came the 60 wine glass order to fill!! Plus, I had regular orders to fill in between. Believe me when I say, I sure was glass when the last wine glass was finished on Thursday! With that completion I have been able to rest a little and enjoy a few days of Summer.

I love for you to get a chance to see what is new in my shop. I still need to post some of the items from my Etsy Shop to my regular website. I often lag between the two.

I am working hard to produce some new items to my shop in the way of plates and signature plates. I am currently working on two platters. One is a keepsake for an upcoming marriage. The other one is a re-make of a platter made for this lovely couple's 25th anniversary. The first platter received was accidentially broken. The husband was one made so that he can give it to his wife on the anniversay this upcoming November. What a wonderful thought.

Keep your eyes open to see what is going to be added to my shop soon!


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