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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wedding Toasting Glasses

If you are a bride with an upcoming wedding I am certain you are wanting that day to be just right. It will be one of the most memorable days of your life. You deserve everything to be perfect. You do not want it to be just like that last wedding you went to, you want it to be unique and designed with you in mind.

You can ensure that your day is just as you had always planned, a day made just for you and the groom, by adding special touches to your glassware and table settings. Invision your toasting glasses hand painted with flowers to match your bouque. Maybe even extend this to your parents and the entire wedding party. Not only will they having something lovely to wish you well with, but something special they can keep to remember your special day. They can continue to use the glass long after your wedding day.

You can also carry this idea over to the glassware used at your reception. Even plastic can be painted. This is a neat way to dress up the cake plates or add color and interest to each table centerpiece. Custom painted name card holders to designate where each special guest should sit would be nice. This too could be painted and a great wedding favor for them to take home.

The little added extras are affordable and will be just the special touch you need to make positive memories of your special day. Memories to last a lifetime!

Best Wishes!

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Personalized Champagne Flutes said...

A unique wedding theme is result in a memorable wedding day and yes, you can start on that with adding touches with your glassware especially on the champagne flutes that you use for a toast with your couple. There several on how to add touches on your glassware like using hand painting, chalkboard or through engraving and etching.