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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Decorative Painter for Special Events and Weddings

Are you planning a wedding or are you a special event planner? What a great way to dress up the occasion by providing your guests with hand painted dessert plates. Maybe even hand painted center pieces for each table, that matches the theme and colors for your event.

You may even find that something painted such as a wine glass can be used for the event and taken home as a reminder of the occasion. What a neat gift for people attending your wedding! If you prefer something else as a party favor or gift, other suggestions can be made.

This is a wonderful way to make your event stand out from the rest. It does not have to be expensive to provide this little extra touch either. It will be worth the little extra spent to make the gathering more memorable for you guests. If you are a wedding or event planner this could even assist you with getting more events to organize.

By allowing a decorative painter to assist with your plans you are allowing a little art to be a part of the gathering. It also makes for a pleasant and appealing atmosphere, while adding a color to the surroundings. Colors can have an affect on our moods and can play a big part in how we feel. Adding color to the decor is a wonderful way to encourage a happy and fun filled experience. Is this not what you clients are looking for?

Why not give it a try? It is free to check it out!!


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